“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

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Hi! Nice to see you! I believe life should be full of experiences and adventures rather than connecting it wholesomely to materialistic things. Life is not always perfect, but we are blessed! Here, you’ll see all about:


Gratitude. Respect. Solutions.


Happy tummy. Happy Mind. Happy Soul


Freshness. Peace. Happiness


I’m Ishita. Raised in the mountains, I am always a bit more attached to the nature, which taught me how beautiful little moments are!


3 Things 2020 Gifted Me

It all started from the very start of March, when after my final examinations, I had a short vacation (2 weeks). Pretty excited, I planned a few things. However, due to the period of complete isolation from the outer world, plans shed down there itself, even before they started. Now, October is about to end…

Indian Food and Shapes!

The country with great cultural heritage and diversity, India. Extending from clothes, languages, weather to foods, it varies a lot. Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines of the world and is mostly known for colors and spices. The spices added make each food item more distinct and unique. Along with this, there…

Some words for my future-self!

Being a teenager is great. Teenage of a person’s life knows no boundaries and only joy and happiness. We are carefree, non -judgemental and full of vitality. We have great freedom and less responsibilties. Usually, we commit many mistakes at this stage, but the good thing is they transform into useful lessons or beautiful memories. Another thing,…