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5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

About 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts cross your mind per day. Some are constructive whereas, some are destructive. Talking of destructive thoughts, they are mostly born because of fear or embarrassment. So, let’s take some things we really need to accept without doubting our WORTH!

1. Not being invited or included: Humans expect a lot, which is the reason behind your sadness when you find that you alone is not being invited to your friend’s party. However, this means you are somewhere different and unique, not like everyone around. Otherwise also, some invitations bring headache, so let’s be happy! Simply, don’t expect. This point becomes so unnoticeable that we generally ignore it and don’t even know how it affects us.

2. Having no good friends: We all know our surroundings should be filled with good and positive people in order to grow. But sometimes, you don’t find true people around you and you only see people putting you down. But, don’t care about them. The people putting others down are the one who are depressed with their own lives. True friends are very rare and important. So, if you too face the same don’t worry, let’s be friend and love ourselves. Life will always give you good.

3. Getting demoted: Life is an amalgam of ups and downs. Sometimes, due to some underlying mistake, we loose something we always wanted which make us feel dejected. But don’t worry, it happens in everyone’s life and they get up and do better. And so will you. Remember, life always test the ones who are capable of fighting! Demotion should not cause demotivation. Instead, be ok with the reality and find what was wrong and ways to rectify that.

4. Failure of relationships: This is one of the primary causes of people’s desolation nowadays. Majority thinks that this breakup will end their life. Just because, they have imagined a future with them which don’t last now and the high dopamine is back to normal now hence, making them despair. However, you need to understand apart from the rare cases of misunderstandings and other problems, relationships these days mostly break as they were just a result of infatuation or lust. Have faith in God, someone better is there to come. Remember, your beliefs control, be positive with yourself. It’s completely fine to have it. Don’t worry!

5. Other’s unsolicited opinions: Many people have a disorder of passing unsolicited comments on someone’s appearance or conditions. They know it can hurt someone, but they still do because for them inner soul doesn’t matter, how good or how bad it is, doesn’t matter but what matters is someone’s physical features which are a result of parental genes or conditions which are completely temporary. Laughing on someone in a bullied manner always bring negativity to their own lives to teach them a lesson. So, you don’t need to worry or doubt yourself, it’s completely fine, it’s all about them, their etiquettes and their bringing up.


Hi! I am Ishita. Travel enthusiast. Medico. Sometimes, a Poet. Foodie. Bibliophile. Passionate painter!

11 thoughts on “5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

    1. Yes, right .. but the ultimate goal is not to disturb our mental health just in case we are suffering any one of these, instead move on, be happy, it happens with many, that’s what I meant! 😊

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      1. One should just love themselves and try to complete themselves on their own, because there’s a good and bad thing about time: It changes! 🙂

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