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3 best mental revitalizing hacks!

The human mind is something, which can be called smart and foolish both at the same time. If it is set free, without the application of logics and facts, it would believe everything it’ll see. But if you live in the present moment, active and alert, your mind won’t be fooled by anything. That’s the reason why you don’t adapt some habits fast. Because you don’t look into its facts and logics, you may feel feverish for initial few days, but later you tend to lose your adaptive habit, because you forget why you need it. So before, I must say don’t take it lightly, if you want to change youself, be resolute to your level-up process. Now, what are the habits, which you need to adapt to change your life to a great extent? Let’s see!

1. DONT LET THE VIRTUAL WORLD DOMINATE THE REAL ONE: I believe in lieu of hours spending in front of your screens surfing through virtual world, you should show some love to the real world, the one you are surrounded with which comprises your family, nature, pets and the real feelings. No one remember ‘who’ posted ‘what’ yesterday on social media, then why you devote your precious over 4-5 hours to it.

Elon Musk in an interview said, “One of the issues with social media is people look like they have a much better life than they really do. People are posting pictures of when they were really happy, they’re modifying those pictures to be better-looking. More he added, “It can have negative effects on the psyche of followers who might buy into it”.

But why it becomes addictive?

Because we are getting importance in form of likes or comments for free. That’s what human psychology demands: IMPORTANCE! It’s a sort of temporary pleasure which couldn’t be called happiness.

Instead, get some sunshine, travel a lot and gain experiences, have unashamed conversation with your people, which will literally help you enjoy the real world.

(Don’t leave it, but atleast don’t make it dominate your real life. If watching some cute pet videos, correctifies your huff mood, it’s NOT BAD!)

2. DON’T BLAME OTHERS ALWAYS: What happens in your life is a consequence of what you did in the past. It’s completely not legit to blame others for that. Sometimes, it may happen, that any outer energy have influenced you, but, TRUST ME, in order to grow, start taking things upon you , the one you can control and see your growth.

But why we blame?

Because we don’t like to feel bad about yourself! So we simply project it to others and put ourselves in a superior place. But things don’t end here, next it moves to you developing negativity about the one you blamed. It’s your life, you are the pilot of your flight.

Don’t be a narcissist and accept yourself, look into you, your flaws! That’s it!

3. DREAMS SHOULD BE BIG: Will it happen or not? Is this possible or not?? It depends upon YOU, your mindset. There is nothing in this world which can’t be done. If we didn’t believed few centuries back that, we’ll be reaching moon and space, would it be possible? I believe dreaming is fun, enjoy it!!!!!!

But how it helps?

When you dream, your mind tries it’s best to reach there. But the thing is if you’ll dream average, you’ll stay upto there only. There’ll be no level up!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Life is amalgam of ups and downs. Don’t waste it worrying about things you can’t control and connecting it to negative people. Be happy and enjoy it. It won’t return back.


Hi! I am Ishita. Travel enthusiast. Medico. Sometimes, a Poet. Foodie. Bibliophile. Passionate painter!

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