The country with great cultural heritage and diversity, India. Extending from clothes, languages, weather to foods, it varies a lot. Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines of the world and is mostly known for colors and spices. The spices added make each food item more distinct and unique. Along with this, there are great nutritional values hidden in it serving both taste and health. Each corner of the country is known for its different taste.

The Street Food of India: Talking of food, and missing this is not legit. Indian cuisines are incomplete without including the street food of India. Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata are few of the great city collection famous for street food. It’s way more amazing than you imagine. So, try never missing this while vising “The Country of Spices”.

So, lets without deviating from our topic, talk about the amazing shape variations of different cuisines of India. Although this is not unknown, yet still let’s have a notice at it.

1. Cylindrical: Imagine ‘Masala Dosa’ or ‘Puttu’, you’ll realise it resembles the cylindrical shape. Although, thanks to the creativity of cooks, it can also be made in many other shapes too, which is just awesome.

  • Dosa: Made from rice, it may have stuffing of different types (called masala dosa) , maybe potato or paneer or any other vegetable. Then, garnished with coconut or lemon juice.
  • Puttu: It is the regional breakfast dish of many South India states like Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Basically, rice cylinders garnished with coconut, can be sweet in taste, sometimes.

2. Pyramidal or conical: We have some dishes like ‘Samosa’ or ‘Awan Bangwi’, which are made basically resembling pyramidal or conical structures.

  • Samosa: It is a fried dish which is usually stuffed with mainly vegetables or sometimes, chicken too! One of the most loved, this dish is served with chutney of different types.
  • Awan Bangwi: It is a regional dish of Tripura, and is one of the unique dishes of all times. It is made from sticky rice, and is then mixed with other ingredients cashews, raisins, ghee etc. Another unique feature is that it is served in banana leaf cones and then stramed.

3. Spherical: So, this is the shape where dicussion never ends, many indian sweets like ‘Gulab Jamun’ or ‘Laduu’ and ‘Panipuri’ is prepared in spherical shape.

  • Panipuri: Also called Gol gappe, this is one of the most popular food items consumed in india. Hollow spheres stuffed with potatoes or any other snacks and are served with different types of sweet and sour chutneys.
  • Sweets: Many indian sweets have spherical resemblance whether laddu or gulab jamun. Laddus are also made of different types, motichur, nariyal, rava, boondi, besan etc.

4. Spiral: The first thing which came to your mind was: ‘Jalebi’! Right? Jalebi is made from frying maida batter and then soaking it in sugar syrup. Imarti is also a similar variant of this dish.

5. Cubical: ‘Dhokla’, the famous Gujarati food, is soft and spongy dish made from fermented batter of rice. Khaman is another dish showing some variance.

NOTE: Pictures presented above are taken from Google, and do not belong to the blogpost writer.

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