3 Things 2020 Gifted Me

It all started from the very start of March, when after my final examinations, I had a short vacation (2 weeks). Pretty excited, I planned a few things. However, due to the period of complete isolation from the outer world, plans shed down there itself, even before they started. Now, October is about to end and here I completed 8 months journey with myself. I must say, growth always starts in isolation. And most importantly, I can clearly recognise some advancements in me, which I’ll be discussing here.

ART OF MEDITATIONS: Different from the world of 7-3 routine, this time I worked on myself. Rather than blaming the situations for everything out there, I resolved to enter the world with a new perspective and hopefully, I did it. Pre-quarantine, I was a person, who was greatly affected by the people around, their actions, their behaviours. I used to take things really personal which tired my mental muscles and mental health to a great extent. And the repitition of this cycle bought greatly bad consequences. Reasons may or may not be big, but this made my mind turbulent and snatched all the peace.

But now, I learnt to love myself more, which isn’t selfish I guess. I learnt, how important it is to take care of myself. I befriended myself. I focused on making myself ‘an entity with a difference’. I practised the things I always wanted to do.

And ‘Meditation’ amazingly helped me achieve the goal, made me more self-aware, aligned ,focused and HAPPY. Just a practice of few minutes which reward you unexpectedly. ‘The Connectivity with Nature’, feeling the conversation with it, proved to be the another factor which helped.

RESPECTING TIME: This was the thing, I usually failed at the most. Even if focus existed, consisitency was never there. But this time, I realised how much time I had, and how much I used to waste. I STARTED RESPECTING IT. And eventually, half of my things miraculously changed the way, they used to happen earlier. Time is one of the most fastly accelerating things that ever exist. Start respecting it and welcome calmness to your life.

I contributed my time doing productive things instead of scrolling through toxicity. I discovered enough time for the things I love, my hobbies or the time for family, talking to them and boosting the mood. I must say, parents are the best source of motivation, heal, mood-changing or everything.

Proffesionally too, wasting time decelerates your way. It represents a bad example and impression of you.

WELCOMING POSITIVITY: Most things usually go wrong, because of your negative mindset about it. I used to worry more and do less, which was obviously a step moving backward. But now I started converting the worry time into work time. I started appreciating the things I had, practising gratitude and trusting the magic of Universe. I accepted the life isn’t perfect but we are blessed. And positive things started flowing inwards.

Life, most probably reward those who are willing to accept and are working for it. If one will think doubtedly about it, it will never flow happily and fastly. So, lets trust the magic of new beginnings. As everyday starts with a new 24 hours set which can be one of the best days ever.

14 thoughts on “3 Things 2020 Gifted Me”

  1. I completely resonated with this post. Similarly, I found pre-pandemic I was so impacted by the decisions of others, and now I’m revelling in the chance spending time doing things I love to do. You captured this experience so well!

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    1. Exactly dear, growth always occurs in silence and this pandemic taught us really well that how much we were missing out on little things and happiness. Thanks a lot for reading! 🙂


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