Sometimes, we waste our whole day assuming that we have a bad mood and things can’t go right with it. We avoid talking with people, in order to stop spoiling the conversations. We also fail to focus, just because of our excuse that we simply don’t have a good mood. But what to do to save time and instantly jump to good vibes again, this is our point. Obviously, we can’t afford to waste days of days in such a simple manner just because of our excuses, again and again.

What’s the reason for BAD MOOD?

Things are quite complicated when you are conflicting with your own mind. There, you need to practice self-love, the only one solution. But, more or less, we know how much we are influenced or affected by people we live with. Their actions, behaviors sometimes, makes us feel bad. You just need to don’t care about all that. So, I’ll be sharing few tips generally for all cases which I try by myself and instead of ignoring reality, I FIGHT again!

What we need to do?

1. TAKE A BATH: This seems somewhat weird, but this REALLY do help. Scientically, in some cases, it even cured depression. We are much aware of benefits of bathing, it refreshes mind, results in less anxiety and eventually better mental health. Interestingly, our skin releases endorphins in response to the warm water. Endomorphins are natural painkillers (natural opoid neurotransmitters). Pleasure, isnt? Where’s the bad mood then, GONE! haha!

2. TRY YOGA: Scientifically proven, it prevents brain damages and depressions. Then, who’s this bad mood? It’ll vanish in seconds. It perform wonders, make you feel relaxed and calm in just one 20-minute yoga session. Excitingly, you can perform power yoga, cardiovascular excercises, dance and much more. Any kind of physical activity removes stress and boost mood for sure. And long-term practice have long-term benefits. So, lets add it to our daily routines.

3. WALK THROUGH GOOD OLD MEMORIES: Try opeing your old photo galleries or albums, all those moments when you were at the best of your life or the moments, when you achieved something really great! Trust me, even though current situation is not that good, those pictures will not only make you feel happy but they’ll make you feel motivated also. Because bad mood ends but memories lasts forever!

4. GO ON A WALK BETWEEN GREENERY: Try walking between trees, ignoring all those problems you are having for a while, take deep breaths and feel the connection. It’ll be unexplicable. If, not having a garden or greenery around you, try sitting with homeplants and a cup of tea. Everything at a better place and so will you. Plants or greenery increases the positive vibrations and hence you are more relaxed and calm.

5. LOOK AT THE SKY: This is my personal favourite. Whenever, I am feeling low, whether day or night, I just look up at the clouds or stars. They inspire me so much. I feel an amazing connection with all the vibrations around. I make wishes, I dream, I make things happen. I seek positivity. And things miraculously go right. I recommend you to try this one.

29 thoughts on “5 hacks for lifting MOOD in seconds!

  1. Wonderful piece of advice one can find here Ishita…😁😁
    I really love all the points you considered, but the last one, Sky, I mean we can learn a more lot from Sky, right?
    We don’t know how many emotions it hides and amaze us through different different ways, it’s always best illustration, to hike the Mood..
    It covers everything but reveal only at the time, that’s the best part of it, I guess..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, very true! I strongly believe in the power of Universe and I’m amazed to see everytime that all the natural things around whether the clouds or stars so miraculously bring great positive sensations and bad vibes are surely gone! Thank you 🙂


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