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Everything about My Diwali 2020

Finally November is here, and it bought a bunch of festivals with it. We celebrate Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj (occasion that define the eternal love between brother and sister) and some wedding functions, this month as well. So yesterday, we celebrated Diwali, the most awaited festival of the year! Diwali is popularly called ‘The Festival of Lights’ and spiritually, it defines the victory of goodness over evil or light over dark.

Staying so much time alone at home and at a distance from others, this festival was like a blessing for us, which also swept our loneliness, this time.

So, very excited, here I’ll be telling you how I celebrated this!

FLOWER GARLANDS: So, the day started with making handmade flower garlands. Also used ready mades too, yet we made few ourselves, which was actually fun and used marigolds, which is considered traditional.

LOTS OF LIGHTS: Following flowers, lights were adding to the beauty. Used LED and fairy lights too which was mesmerizing. Along with them, ‘Diyas’ and candles are love. Covering home with lights and lights and lights is always one of my favourite parts of Diwali.

RANGOLI – FULL OF COLORS: After spending 1.5 hours, we finally completed our Rangoli, which was actually a great task to do. Rangoli keep both the art and tradition alive. It is believed that colors bring positive energy and strength to your home, the purpose why it is made.

DOLLING UP: Everyone love this part- Dressing up. Everything set so beautiful and so you are with different colors and patterns. It gives us a sense of pleasure and self-esteem.

FAMILY GET TOGETHER: Especially, in this time of quarantine, this was the most wanted moment. All the laughs and laughters which were somewhere missing during this period were back with Diwali.

LAKSHMI POOJA: The most auspicious moment of the day when we remember the almighty power to enter our home and bless us. All positivity enters our home and love is out there.

TRADITIONAL INDIAN SUPPER: Dinner was special this day. The most favourite Indian cuisines are arranged on the occasion. Sweets are exchanged between families (Soan Papdi being the most popular 😁). Halwa-Puri is mandatory and is enjoyed by all.

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Slow Mo Sparkler

Picture credits- @ishitaadhimann

26 thoughts on “Everything about My Diwali 2020”

  1. You are a brilliant writer, i like your way of writing. You expressed your emotion in this post very nicely
    And also i read you are a medical student, despite that you write so well. I hope one day you’ll shine.
    Best wishes
    Ashutosh (Team Penser)😊

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