We all love going on long vacations and exploring different places. However, Road Trips goes amazing on their own. They serve as revitalising agents when we want to escape reality. We find new joys, relive beautiful old memories while creating new ones. And retrospecting them later reminds us to be happy. There are new reasons to put our phone down.

1. MUSIC: Music is the best friend, when you go on a solo trip. It make trips even better. But goes unforgettable when the lyrics match your situations. You don’t even realise how fast time passed. And even after years, when you listen to your road trip playlist, your mind have a great sudden flashback of all those memories. It helps you to concentrate. Interestingly, 80% of drivers claimed they’d never got lost or even missed a turn while listening to music.

“An open road and your favourite song is sometimes all the therapy you need.

2. FOLKS: A road trip with your people, family or friends is a must. We are even more excited for the way than the destination. All thanks to the folks, and good old stories. The stupid acts we do without bothering about anything or anyone are the most memorable. We strengthen our relationships, exchange thoughts and everything else. Love, laughter, happiness everything is in the air. We are living the best of our lives in those few moments. However, distance seem shorter when you are actually with your best people, which is unfair, I guess.. hehe.

“Sometimes, all you need is great friends and a tank of gas!” – Thelma and Louise

3. SCENERY: Imagine an open road in golden hour with fresh air passing by and mountains and moon travelling with you. You absorb all the positive sensations within you. Things become more special when you are with the one you love. Those vibes will never fail to make you fall in love again. Just beautiful smiles and looking into each other’s eyes. Such moments are truly truly special.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”

“Mera dil kahi door pahadon me kho gya, usse mile hue mujko to arsa ho gaya……” And the vibes goes on..!

8 thoughts on “3 things making Road Trips, the best!

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  2. I love the scenery aspect of road trips, I can just sit there and admire the scenery for hours! It’s just something I never get bored of!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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