Our beautiful blue planet never fails to amaze us. It is unpredictable and fascinating. If noticed, the reasons behind few such phenomena is still unknown which makes the story even more thrilling. From my childhood itself, I am always very engrossed in nature’s magical powers but being a science student now, I feel amazed and content to see and understand the backstory of such breathtaking phenomena. Let’s have a look!

1. AURORA BOREALIS: Polar lights are the first from my checklist. I am a person who can’t get bored even after looking at the stars whole night, but then after polar lights are something more amazing. Imagine a glass walled igloo and sky full of Northern lights. Nothing can please me more. Scientifically it have its reason in the Earth’s magnetism. However, excited oxygen and nitrogen atoms brings green and pink color respectively. Interestingly, there are 50 shades of green seen there.

Location: Above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. Mainly, Norway, Lapland, Canada, Greenland, Antarctica and many more.

2. SEA OF STARS: It looks like stars themselves have came to add to the beauty of a beautiful sea making it the “Sea of Stars”. Interestingly, the magical phenomena of bioluminescence here is due to the phytoplankton. They radiate a dynamic blue light in the sea. Not just this, you can even SWIM in it or you can walk watching your glowing footprints behind.

Location: USA, Carribbean, Indian Oceans, Europe, Asia.

3. THE MOONBOW: This phenomena is another beautiful one because of a unique reason. We all love rains, we love rainbow there after but this is a special one because it is made with the reflection of moonlight instead of sunlight hence the name “MOONBOW”. It’s rare as it is very light. Amazingly, the moonbow happening near waterfalls is a spray moonbow.

Location: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Crotia, India and many more.

4. COLORED MOUNTAINS (ZHANG YE LANDFORMS): When I was a kid, I used to shade my mountain drawings with different colors to make it look like fairy-tale mountains. I believe this is the real fairy-tale mountain view. However, scientifically this painting-like mountains is such due to layers of different colored sandstone and minerals pressed together over 24 million years and then buckled up by tectonic plates.

Location: Zhang Ye Landforms of China.

5. BLUE MOUNTAINS OF INDIA: Another beautiful flower is Strobilanthus kunthiana (neelakuranji), which is the reason behind this phenomenon. I read about it for the first time in my biology book which impressed me to a great extent. Neelakuranji flowers once in every 12 years and mass flowering transforms large tracks of hilly areas in Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu into blue stretches.

Location: India.

Surely comment down if I missed upon something! 🙂

18 thoughts on “World’s 5 craziest natural phenomena, I’m dying to see!

  1. Wow Ishita.

    The first one is in my wish list too, alongside Alaska cruise and I have seen the last – Nilgiris in the year of the bloom 2006! Had planned again in 2018 but had to cancel due to floods in Kerala

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