Mistakes are must. You won’t be growing without committing mistakes in the certain phases of life. But repeating those same mistakes is surely a thing to be looked upon! So, we’ll be discussing the mistakes which pull you back.

1. A SHODDY DAILY ROUTINE: Daily routine is the primary thing which influence your future to a great extent. The life you are living today is eventually a result of what you did in the past few years. If you are repeating the same faulty routine or MISTAKE everyday, how’ll things going to happen?

When life keeps on going wrong, check the primary unit – your daily routine. It have the secrets. And when you’ll transform a bad routine into a productive one, slowly and gradually, it will do WONDERS you’ll soon recognise.

2. FEARLESS PROCRASTINATION: This was the most prominent thing I noticed in this lockdown. Staying at home for so long, without going to schools, colleges or offices, we might have developed a bad habit of fearless procrastination. We already know we’ll not be facing anyone, so we tended to procrastinate, really smoothly. Easy, isn’t? But someday, you will have to complete it, so fear is good sometimes. If it has to, it’ll happen some day, better doing it today! 😉

3. DOPAMINE: Everything is good, when it happens in a acceptable manner. But when it exceeds limit, it surely brings something bad. Same happens with dopamine. If it is produced in a excess, it will have effects from fatigue and obesity to diseases like schizophrenia and psychosis. Having too much dopamine concentrated in some parts of the brain is linked to being more competitive, aggressive, having poor impulse control and other negative behavioural changes. Trick your brain and try dopamine detox in such situations.

Dopamine Detox: A detox, but for your brain. The rule is to avoid engaging in any activity which you enjoy doing or which stimulates the brain-it could be browsing your phone, screen time etc.

4. BAD PEER GROUPS: This doesn’t need explanation. You become what you live with. Living with positive, energetic, confident and supportive peeps will make you like them. But hanging out with people with bad habits (like we all know), will make you feel attracted to the things they do, even if you don’t tried them earlier. So, check around and action.

5. DAYDREAMS, MAYBE: I do imagine a lot, plan a lot. Initially, I loved that high but then I realised the massive difference between believing and daydreaming. Believing in certain embodiments, saying positive affirmations helps you manifest, it start working on the law of attraction. But unnecessary excess daydreaming makes you less interested in reality. You think a lot about something, but somehow if it don’t happen, you’ll not enjoy the moment as it’s not according to your imagination.

So imagine, but not too much! 🙂

Everything is a game of your subconscious mind, play with it, change certain things!

5 thoughts on “5 mistakes which are pulling you back in life!

  1. Great post. I agree with all your points, however Shoddy Daily Routine made me laugh. It’s absolutely true! If you don’t have a good daily routine, you won’t succeed. You only achieve a big goal by doing a little something every single day.

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