I had just planned a few things for the new year but I’m happy, they worked successfully!

1. Quitted social media: I deleted my Instagram account in the last week of 2019 and entered the new year with a complete real spirit. Although, I was not addicted, but I wanted to see how life makes a change. But in the second month itself, there was a climax and I created a new one as I felt something missing. But after deleting that one too just after a few days, I never made a new one in the whole year and loved the life without it even more. Virtual socialising is amazing when you have a beautiful super inspiring audience! I have an account which I just use to scroll good quotes, beautiful places, food and fun. But a DETOX is must!

2. ‘Everything happens for a good reason’ outlook: Unwillingly, I was getting negative. A lot of thoughts which didn’t supported my personality came to my mind. I realised it’s going wrong. So, I decided to meditate more, have more sunshine and many other things which changed my thought process and yes, today, I believe in manifesting things with positive affirmations. I read many amazing books this year and loved the way I got a support at my back. It distracted my mind to good things. Hence, I realised ‘Everything happens for a good reason’.

3. Recovered from some wounds: Not so big, but some things happened in the past few years that made me doubt myself. I became like a wilted flower, I started overthinking a lot, every time, the same which happens for at least ones in everyone’s life. I affected my mental heath. But 2020 was the year when I learnt self-love. I started attracting better things and things started to align again. And I would credit all this to my work. I started spending more time at study or my other hobbies and this decision made a remarkable change. I welcome new opportunities and appreciate the magic of Universe.

8 thoughts on “Does my resolutions for 2020 worked?: Expectations VS Reality

  1. Too many uncertain ups and down, like roller coaster ride!!
    Really like to read social detoxing, and feel great that gradually people know and understand that there’s a beautiful life outside too beside from that 6 inch so called smart phones!!😅😅
    Anyways wishes u best for the New Year!!😁

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    1. He he, true. Even sometimes we are just mindlessly scrolling through the feed, which wastes time and energy as well. Detox is necessary! Thanks for reading and happy new year to you too! 😁

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