Finally, the last day of 2020 is here. There were a lots of ups and downs this year: we experienced, we learnt and we moved on and most importantly we survived from such a malign pandemic. Nowhere, we can say, this year taught us a lot. But what are the things that we need to leave behind in 2020 itself and not take them with us in a fresh start of happy and prosperous life.

1. RAGE AND ARROGANCE: Some people easily get enraged when something goes wrong with them because they think that it can solve the problem. It works as drug. Arrogant people are addicted to reacting like this and they can’t control themselves so easily but the only solution here is PATIENCE. If you are patient, then you can tolerate many things. Somewhere it is related to pain, frustration and fear. So, just take the fear, take the risk and go on and if something goes wrong learn from it. Whereas, arrogance can destroy a successful business or team from the inside. When one member feels they’re more important than the rest, others may feel unwilling to engage and share their own ideas. Removing arrogance from your life is really important because it can hinder you from enjoying a beautiful life and obstruct many opportunities too.

# Practice meditation and invite peace to your life. Treat everyone with repect, leaving greed, lust, rage and arrogance behind.

2. WASTING TIME: Prioritisation is really important, we need to prioritise our work. By looking deep into our life, we can observe that what is important and what is not. So, if we are spending most of our time doing things which are not giving productiveness and is not important, then they are actually the most useless things and are baffling everything up! Success is directly related to time. How you utilise your time, shows how successful you will be. So, leave behind your habit of procrastination and wasting time in 2020 and start 2021 with prioritising important things: your mental heath, physical health, happiness, love, work and success.

# Treat time like money and think each time when you are wasting it. Mindlessly wasting time is injurious to a happy successful life as it will lead to overthinking and other negative behavioural changes.

3. SELF-DOUBTS: Most of the negative thoughts and overthinking starts from self doubts. You should never doubt yourself by thinking that you are not somewhere upto the mark. Your life is different and unique from others, so just live it differently and try your best to make it the best, not in comparison to anyone else but in comparison to yourself. It is very important otherwise if you’ll live someone else’s life, you’ll never enjoy what’s the real meaning of life is. So, stop doing self doubts and always see your life with a positive outlook towards yourself, your body, your personality, your mental health and everything else.

# Think you are unique because you are! Take inspirations from others but live your life with your own style as it’s the true enjoyment.

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