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10 Interesting Facts about Me – You’ll love them!

So, I am finally writing something after a couple of months. These are some random facts about me. Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

1. I AM COCOA SENSITIVE: Being a cocoa sensitive person, I strictly avoid having cocoa products like coffee and chocolates (dark especially, which I loved the most), otherwise I have to suffer from irritating unease like upset stomach, difficulty in breathing, rashes. However, a little amount don’t harm me.

2. THREE SUPER UNEXPECTED THINGS HAPPENED ON MY BIRTHDAY: This is the best coincidence ever observed. Incidents are as follows:

  • I had my first period on my 12th birthday.
  • My class 10 result came out on my 15th birthday.
  • I had my tooth fall out on my 9th birthday.

3. MY DOB IS 6/5/4: Even an unknown person can memorize it easily. XD! 6 is my favourite number though!

4. I LOVE SOLITUDE: Although not being a pure introvert, I love spending time with myself. I dance, I sing, I talk like no one is watching!

5. I AM SCARED OF CEILING FAN (IT WILL FALL DOWN): This is the funniest one. I never turn on the fan until temperature cross limits. I’ll be looking at it in a way that it will fall and I have to run. XD. And, one day, in one of the reality shows, actress Parineeti Chopra admitted, she also fear the same. Then, I realised, I’m not the only one!

6. I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING: I am a medical student and I am loving it. However, I always wanted to be an interior designer from childhood and then, my interest developed in photography. I love watching works of different wedding photographers. And I really appreciate it, how beautifully one can capture memories through a digital device! It’s actually a beautiful form of art. But yeah, you can still pursue these things as a hobby!

7. I LOVE LOOKING AT THE SKY: This is the most relaxing thing, I discovered. Whenever I look at the sky, clouds or stars, I feel a very different sensation running down the spine, which gives me hope, positivity and aura better than anything else. The connection is so pure and lovely, that the only thought coming to my mind afterwards is ‘Everything will happen!’

8. I REMOVED ANY PERSONAL RECOGNITION FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: This was completely a personal decision. I just love walking through my feed, mesmerizing places, delectable cuisines and beautiful quotes. However, neither I post anything nor have any friends added over there.

9. I HAVE OPHIDIOPHOBIA: Ophidiophobia refers to the fear of snakes. And I guess, I’m not the only one suffering from it as it’s very common yet terrifying! I don’t even dare to see snake pictures.

10. I LOVE SUFI SONGS MORE THAN ANY OTHER GENRE: My song taste isn’t very specific but Sufi songs are still at top for me. I enter a different world while listening to Sufi songs. They have an amazing mixture of words with melody.

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Happiness can be found …

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Life is a beautiful adventure which is a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Happiness doesn’t comes from ignoring the difficulties, it comes from facing them bravely and learning to live with them. Focus on the beauties of life, everything which gives you a hope. Have a spiritual existence rather leaving the worldly.

Beauty is the thing of joy forever!✨

John Keats