Everything about My Diwali 2020

Finally November is here, and it bought a bunch of festivals with it. We celebrate Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj (occasion that define the eternal love between brother and sister) and some wedding functions, this month as well. So yesterday, we celebrated Diwali, the most awaited festival of the year! Diwali is popularly called 'The Festival of … Continue reading Everything about My Diwali 2020

Go for your Passion!

Being a kid, I always wanted to be a designer. Neither fashion nor graphic, things were so specific, that at that time itself I knew I want to be an "Interior Designer". I just loved planning decors and the passion for making places more lively brought happiness. But somehow, things changed so miraculously and today … Continue reading Go for your Passion!

Rock Garden of Chandigarh: Tribute to an innovative mind!

This is the most creative sculpture garden of Chandigarh, made by Nek Chand. It's such a perfect piece of creativity out of broken pieces of bangles, tiles, cups and many other stuffs. This is the elaborated one, however a small rock garden made by him is located in Kerela! Picture credits - @ishitaadhimann

5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

About 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts cross your mind per day. Some are constructive whereas, some are destructive. Talking of destructive thoughts, they are mostly born because of fear or embarrassment. So, let's take some things we really need to accept without doubting our WORTH! 1. Not being invited or included: Humans expect a lot, which … Continue reading 5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

Top 5 destinations from my travel bucket list

Once, William Langerwiesche said," So much of we are is where we have been." Travel not only gives you a break and peace but it also gives you a sense of purpose. Connect your life more to experiences and skills rather than to people and materialistic temporary things. Although, the list is so never ending, … Continue reading Top 5 destinations from my travel bucket list

5 best savoury cuisines of Himachal Pradesh

India is a country full of diversity in every ways whether for clothes, languages, cultures, food and so on. And Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states of our country. It's famous for beautiful mountains, tea gardens, palatable food, temples, serenity, monasteries and many adventure activities. Basically from the hills, let's talk about … Continue reading 5 best savoury cuisines of Himachal Pradesh