Go for your Passion!

Being a kid, I always wanted to be a designer. Neither fashion nor graphic, things were so specific, that at that time itself I knew I want to be an "Interior Designer". I just loved planning decors and the passion for making places more lively brought happiness. But somehow, things changed so miraculously and today … Continue reading Go for your Passion!

Rock Garden of Chandigarh: Tribute to an innovative mind!

This is the most creative sculpture garden of Chandigarh, made by Nek Chand. It's such a perfect piece of creativity out of broken pieces of bangles, tiles, cups and many other stuffs. This is the elaborated one, however a small rock garden made by him is located in Kerela! Picture credits - @ishitaadhimann

Top 5 destinations from my travel bucket list

Once, William Langerwiesche said," So much of we are is where we have been." Travel not only gives you a break and peace but it also gives you a sense of purpose. Connect your life more to experiences and skills rather than to people and materialistic temporary things. Although, the list is so never ending, … Continue reading Top 5 destinations from my travel bucket list