Manali 2019: How beautiful, how positive!

Clicked and edited by - @ishitaadhimann I visited Manali, as a part of school trip in October 2019. It was a wonderful experience. Even though, we didn't witnessed snow, but the aura and vibes of cool breeze and clear blue sky is unforgettable. I'll surely visit this beautiful place soon again and explore it to … Continue reading Manali 2019: How beautiful, how positive!

Beautiful guests came to meet: Buttery day! 🦋

If nothing ever changing, there would be no such things as butterflies! 🦋🧡 Species of the butterflies from above pictures: 1. Indian fritillary  2. Vanessa indica or Indian Red Admiral 3. Small tortoiseshell 4. Cabbage white

5 reasons to love winters!

Winter is already here. Unlike many people, I do LOVE winters. Why? Read below 😉 1. NATURAL BEAUTY: Like every season, winter also have some characteristic features which make nature go crazy. Whether mornings or evenings, sunrise or sunset, everything is lot more beautiful. Scientifically, less humid and clean air fulfil the purpose. Along with … Continue reading 5 reasons to love winters!

3 Things 2020 Gifted Me

It all started from the very start of March, when after my final examinations, I had a short vacation (2 weeks). Pretty excited, I planned a few things. However, due to the period of complete isolation from the outer world, plans shed down there itself, even before they started. Now, October is about to end … Continue reading 3 Things 2020 Gifted Me

3 best mental revitalizing hacks!

The human mind is something, which can be called smart and foolish both at the same time. If it is set free, without the application of logics and facts, it would believe everything it'll see. But if you live in the present moment, active and alert, your mind won't be fooled by anything. That's the … Continue reading 3 best mental revitalizing hacks!

Rock Garden of Chandigarh: Tribute to an innovative mind!

This is the most creative sculpture garden of Chandigarh, made by Nek Chand. It's such a perfect piece of creativity out of broken pieces of bangles, tiles, cups and many other stuffs. This is the elaborated one, however a small rock garden made by him is located in Kerela! Picture credits - @ishitaadhimann

5 best ways to get rid of toxicity of life

Our life is 90% what our thoughts make it. They largely handle your daily life. Purification of mind along with body is very important. In these times, people are hating each other for no reason, which brings toxicity to life. So, let's have a look at how to accomplish this. 1. Check your surroundings: Your … Continue reading 5 best ways to get rid of toxicity of life