5 reasons to love winters!

Winter is already here. Unlike many people, I do LOVE winters. Why? Read below 😉 1. NATURAL BEAUTY: Like every season, winter also have some characteristic features which make nature go crazy. Whether mornings or evenings, sunrise or sunset, everything is lot more beautiful. Scientifically, less humid and clean air fulfil the purpose. Along with … Continue reading 5 reasons to love winters!

3 things making Road Trips, the best!

We all love going on long vacations and exploring different places. However, Road Trips goes amazing on their own. They serve as revitalising agents when we want to escape reality. We find new joys, relive beautiful old memories while creating new ones. And retrospecting them later reminds us to be happy. There are new reasons … Continue reading 3 things making Road Trips, the best!

Rock Garden of Chandigarh: Tribute to an innovative mind!

This is the most creative sculpture garden of Chandigarh, made by Nek Chand. It's such a perfect piece of creativity out of broken pieces of bangles, tiles, cups and many other stuffs. This is the elaborated one, however a small rock garden made by him is located in Kerela! Picture credits - @ishitaadhimann

5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

About 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts cross your mind per day. Some are constructive whereas, some are destructive. Talking of destructive thoughts, they are mostly born because of fear or embarrassment. So, let's take some things we really need to accept without doubting our WORTH! 1. Not being invited or included: Humans expect a lot, which … Continue reading 5 things we need to stay OKAY with, sometimes!

5 best ways to get rid of toxicity of life

Our life is 90% what our thoughts make it. They largely handle your daily life. Purification of mind along with body is very important. In these times, people are hating each other for no reason, which brings toxicity to life. So, let's have a look at how to accomplish this. 1. Check your surroundings: Your … Continue reading 5 best ways to get rid of toxicity of life

6 perfect ways to start your day

Not always, but on an average our productivity for the whole day mostly depends on beginning of the day. I always struggled with a perfect start which resulted in a chaotic and convoluted day. But with routine, everything can be achieved. So, here are some tested and proven tips which helped me to a great … Continue reading 6 perfect ways to start your day